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Create a life not limited by money

Get Unstuck.

A book by
Ben Nash


You don’t have to make huge sacrifices to achieve money success, but you do need to the rules of the game. Get Unstuck outlines a proven, simple but highly effective framework to help get your financial sh!t together and ‘adult’ with money.

This book will show you how to:

  • Avoid information overload and analysis paralysis

  • Set up your banking to make it easy to save more WHILE you spend guilt free

  • Become a pro at investing and grow your money without taking crazy risks

  • Build a clear and easy to follow plan to take you from your today to the results you want


If you never want to be forced to settle, this book is for you. 

About Ben

Written by Ben Nash, a Financial Adviser and ‘money nerd’ who draws on his practical experience from advising and coaching over a thousand young professionals to help you understand the most important areas you need to understand to be successful with money. Ben knows what it takes to create money success and the common mistakes that can slow you down and set you back.  


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What people are saying

I've worked alongside Ben for over half a decade, and across two businesses. And my opinion is this - whatever Ben sets out to do, he will ultimately become the best, for the simple fact he is always improving. The money, time, and focus Ben puts into becoming the best is inspiring. The fact he chose financial advice to put all of his drive into, only benefits the world. Whoever gets to read a book of Ben's distilled knowledge on money should consider themselves lucky.

Clayton Daniel,

Author - Fund Your Ideal Lifestyle

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